Heidi Robinson was sworn in as notary in the Quebec Chamber of Notaries, in January 2008. She holds a University of Ottawa law degree and a notarial law degree from the University of Montreal. She has worked in several law firms in the region before launching her own business in 2013.

PAST - Heidi Robinson's family is originally from Gatineau for more than 200 years, Me. Heidi Robinson is one of the descendants of one of the families with 5 to 6 generations still in Gatineau. Her roots are very deep and strong in the Outaouais region, fact for which she takes great pride.

PRESENT - Although she has a hand in all areas of Notary Law, her practice is primarily focused on real estate and property acquisition, officiating marriages, drafting marriage contracts, wills and protection mandates.

FUTURE – Me. Robinson's approach is dynamic, courteous and respectful. She is very attentive to the needs of her clients. Her comprehensive understanding of her clients' conditions, her empathy and desire to take an important place in their lives can only result in a professional and exemplary service.